[Nakajima Park](1 min walk from the hotel)

Located south of Susukino beyond the downtown area, the park is full of greenery and water.
The spacious grounds are dotted with the Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara, the Hokkaido Museum of Literature, the Sapporo Astronomical Observatory, the Important Cultural Property Hohei-kan, and Hassou-an. The Watanabe Junichi Museum of Literature is located across Kamokamogawa-street to the west of Kitara. Among them, Hohei-kan is the oldest surviving wooden hotel in Japan with a long history.

Nakajima Park

[Sapporo Concert Hall「Kitara」]
(7 min walk from the hotel)

Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara, which was selected as one of the "100 Best Halls", opened in 1997. It is a world-class concert hall with an acoustic design that maximizes the live sound of musical instruments, and a variety of events are actively held there. The hall also has a café and restaurant where visitors can relax before and after performances.

Sapporo Concert Hall「Kitara」

[Susukino](6 min walk from the hotel)

Along with Kabukicho in Shinjuku and Nakasu in Fukuoka, Susukino is one of Japan's leading entertainment districts and is known as "Susukino," the town that never sleeps.
The area began as a ”Yukaku(red-light district)” during the pioneer days around 1870, and many restaurants and other establishments were built on the site, laying the foundation for the current neon district. The area is lined with approximately 3,500 restaurants, including local cuisine, taverns, sushi bars, and more.
The old and new Ramen Yokocho is also located here.


[Hokkai Kitayell]
(22 min from the hotel by train & on foot)

The official name, "Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center," was opened in 2000 adjacent to Hohei Park.
Inside, it consists of sports facilities, training facilities, and a café. Under the concept of "an environmentally friendly sports hall of fame integrated with the forest (ARENA IN THE FOREST)" it is widely popular among the resident in Hokkaido of the province and hosts various events.

Hokkai Kitayell

[Sapporo Dome]
(34 min from the hotel by train & on foot)

The largest all-weather dome in Hokkaido and the northernmost in Japan, it was established in the hills of Sapporo in 2001.
Various events have been held since its opening, and visitors can enjoy watching baseball and soccer games, as well as concerts and exhibitions.The surrounding area is also well-stocked with commercial facilities and restaurants, offering a wide range of enjoyment before and after the event.

Sapporo Dome

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